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Loreto Hotel

Hotel Loreto in the Marche region

Hotel Loreto is situated in the characteristic central street of Loreto, 40 meters from the square of the Sanctuary ; the entrance is along the main street, where pilgrims and tourists from all the world walk continuously.

From its terrace on 5° floor, higher than all the other buildings, you can enjoy a unique 360° panorama, from the Adriatic Sea to Central Apennines.

The management of this hotel is constantly directed to offer its guests the best welcome, according to its motto "welcome is sacred". Not only: other point of force that characterizes it is the constant attention to the healthy meal.

Loreto is just off the Autostrada A14 between Pescara (south) and Bologna (north).

Opened all the year.

hotel loreto
Loreto, only 3 km from the sea
hotel loreto
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