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The lauretano's path

Via Lauretana Roma Assisi Loreto

The "Lauretani Routes" is a research project aimed at knowledge,
the recovery and enhancement of the pilgrimage route to the Sanctuary of Loreto: the Via Lauretana
Supported by a constant interaction with the local authorities 
and the Umbria and Marche Region Episcopal Conferences,
the project is also an opportunity to spread the landscape and cultural heritage.
There are many confraternities, religious communities and paths along which the pilgrims
reached the Sanctuary of Loreto over time, coming from different parts of Europe, Asia and Africa: 
over 4,000 have been registered.

Seven are the itentified stages:
1st Stage: Assisi - Spello
2nd Stage:Spello - Colfiorito
3rd Stage: Colfiorito - Muccia
4th Stage: Muccia - Belforte del Chienti
5th Stage: Belforte del Chienti - Tolentino
6th Stage: Tolentino - Macerata
7th Stage: Macerata - Montecassiano - Recanati - Loreto (West) Macerata - Montelupone - Recanati - Loreto (East)

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For info and reservations call us at 0717500160


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