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Loreto Sport & Shopping

Marche Sport

There are many possibilities to practice sport in a region, as Marche, where landscape changes within a few kilometers. During a day, you can switch to:

scuba diving

sport shopping loreto marche

(the Adriatic Sea offers enchanting emotions to any diver, even a few meters deep)



  • A.S.D. Smile Diving, cell. 339.1419184
  • Blueedeep, Centro sviluppo cultura subacquea, tel.071.978750, cell. 338.7050918,
  • Fantasea Sub division, tel./fax 0719798551, cell. 333.2027058,




  • A.r.a . Sub, tel. 0733.890226, cell. 3299016103,
  • Pinnadoro, cell. 347.7669940,

Suggestivi percorsi a cavallo...

sport shopping loreto marche


  • Hornos a Numana (AN) tel 071 7390076
  • Il Cirfoglio (Passeggiate a cavallo, scuola di equitazione, maneggio coperto e all' aperto), Via Molinella 2 Sirolo (AN) cell 348/3358078 333/4722546

or in mountain bike

sport shopping loreto marche

(one of the most enjoyable ways to travel the region is by bicycle, because it offers the chance to appreciate the natural,historical and artistic beauty and taste gastronomic specialties typical of Marche)

  • Cycling Marche Cycling routes dedicated to the discovery of Marche cell. 329.1663336 - cell. 333.7339818 -
  • Costess - Fuori dalle vie maestre Cycling routes in mountain bike in the province of Ancona tel. e fax 0731.209490 - cell. 339.7023075 -
  • CONEROBIKE (in Via Peschiera 30/A Sirolo - AN) - Forestalp ConeroBike not only thinks to the bike lovers but to the whole family, widening activities in mountain bike with trekking, sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, canoeing, diving, birdwatchng, spa treatments, games, shopping and tastings tours. The forestalp organizes various activities for children.

    TEL 071/9330066 FAX 071/7360908 cell. 347.9157432 - - -

  • MtbAdventure cell. 329.6164496


sport shopping loreto marche

Conero Park offers to tourists a varied and attractive environment. You can make guided tours, bird watching, hiking, horse riding and hiking in the woods.
18 are the paths within the park dominated by the typical Mediterranean vegetation.

  • Crossing Conero: to visit all places of interest;
  • Scalaccia Path: to discover the beach and the fishermen caves;
  • Sacred Route: to discover shrines in the innermost of the mount Conero;
  • Two Sisters Route: the most famous and picturesque route, which leads to the stacks of the same name;
  • Conero Woods: the discovery of Conero Park in a fascinating journey around the summit of this Mount;
  • Il Passo del Lupo: through the Mediterranean in search of extraordinary views;
  • Conero night and stars the heart of Conero Park in the magical atmosphere of summer nights..
  • And finally, do not miss the "Strada del Rosso Conero" with the visit to the cellars where you can buy local and first class products as oil, honey and wine.

And it is not all because the area offers canoeing, bowls, skating, fling, from bowling


sport shopping loreto marche



Tiro con l'arco

sport shopping loreto marche


  • Compagnia Arceri Loreto - Via Costa D'Ancona, 27 Loreto (AN) Tel 071.970815 340.6162032 (Maurizio) 333.2134551 (Michele)
  • A.S.D. Arcieri Il Falco Casella postale N.3 60020 Falconara Castelferretti (AN) Tel 3470446657
  • Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Arcieri Selva Castagnola c/o Coacci Tonino Via Firenze, 10 60033 Chiaravalle (AN) Tel 071.7450988
  • A.S.D. Arcieri Ancona via Alpi 25/A 60131 Ancona Tel 071.897729
  • Società Sportiva Dilettantistica Arcieri Delle 5 Torri c/o BALLONE BURINI ROBERTO Via 1° Maggio N. 66 60027 Osimo (AN) Tel 071.718272
  • Arcieri ASSTA Senigallia A.S.D. c/o OLIVI STEFANO Via R. Sanzio, 192 60019 Senigallia (AN) Tel 071.7922646


  • A.S.D. Compagnia Arcieri Civitanova c/o DE SANTIS GRAZIANO Via Lamarmora, 2 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC) Tel 338.1523607

Various opportunities to enjoy nature and pass their time in a fun, meet people and improve their fitness.
It is a deep relationship that unites Marche region to the sport: in some sports, including motorcycling, fencing and swimming and then basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball, table tennis, Marche region excels internationally. So have fun, because sport is life, emotion and joy, as well as being an exciting opportunity to learn about others and why not, even ourselves.


sport shopping loreto marche

And for shopping we suggest to profit of different and convenient

  • Clementoni (giocattoli, a Recanati MC)

  • Tontarelli (articoli casalinghi in plastica, a Castelfidardo AN)
  • Stilarte Argenti (argenteria, a Pollenza MC)

  • Oliver (abbigliamento uomo, a Filottrano AN)
  • Fornarina (abbigliamento e calzature, a Civitanova Marche MC)
  • Jeordies (abbigliamento, a Tolentino MC)
  • Giorgio Grati (atelier, Camerano AN)
  • Baffetti Cashmere (abbigliamento, a Castelfidardo AN)
  • Massimo Rebecchi (abbigliamento, a Civitanova Marche MC)
  • New Stone (abbigliamento 0-16 anni e pronto moda uomo donna, a Camerano AN)
  • Brums (abbigliamento bambini, a Civitanova Marche MC)
  • Baby Graziella (abbigliamento bambino, a Castelfidardo AN)
  • Le rosse 41 Italia (abbigliamento donna, a Osimo Stazione AN)
  • Fly3 (maglieria, a Falconara Marittima AN)
  • Walk safari (calzature bambino e adulto, a Civitanova Marche MC)
  • I-shoes (calzature abbigliamento ed accessori, a Montegranaro FM)
  • Loriblu (calzature, a Porto S. Elpidio AP)
  • Tod's (calzature e non solo, a Casette d'Ete di Sant'Elpidio a Mare AP)
  • Nero Giardini (calzature, a Monte S. Pietrangeli AP)
  • Cesare Paciotti (calzature, a Civitanova Marche MC)
  • Début (calzature e accessori, a Civitanova Marche MC)
  • Donna Serena (calzature e borse, a Monte Urano AP)
  • Falc-Naturino (calzature bambino, a Civitanova Marche MC)

  • Cantori (arredamento e non solo, a Camerano AN)
  • Frau (poltrone, a Tolentino MC)

  • Ronchi (azienda vinicola, a Osimo AN)
  • Garofoli (azienda vinicola, a Castelfidardo AN)
  • Moroder (azienda vinicola, ad Ancona)
  • Zoia (prodotti caserecci, a Sirolo AN)
  • Salumificio del Conero (salami e non solo, a Castelfidardo AN)
  • Giampaoli (industria dolciaria, ad Ancona)

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