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From a distance, Loreto shows itself as a city in the form of a sanctuary: with the ramparts and sixteenth-century walls, born around the Shrine of the House of Nazareth, house transported by the Knights Templar in 1294. Find out more 

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Located just 5 km from Loreto, Recanati is known for being the birthplace of the greatest Italian poet of all time,
Giacomo Leopardi, and is the guardian of an immense heritage of art, culture and traditions, all to be discovered. Find out more 

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Just 7 km north-east of Loreto, there is a small city that is known worldwide as the international homeland of the accordion, and for having been the backdrop for a crucial battle for the unification of Italy. Find out more 

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A few kilometers from Loreto and the Conero Riviera, on top of a high hill rises one of the most interesting and ancient centers of the Marches,
with an underground world to be discovered. Find out more 

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Riviera del Conero
The Monte Conero, 10 km from Loreto, the heart of the first natural park in the Marche Region, is a real natural balcony that overlooks magnificent and untouched beaches. Find out more 

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The provincial capital of the Marche region has very ancient origins, revealed by its name: "Ankon" in greek means "elbow" just like the shape of the stretch of coast on which it stands. Find out More 

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In the immediate hinterland of the Conero Riviera, just 22 km from Loreto, It is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, a small and characteristic village located at 309 meters s.l.m. Find out More 

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Frasassi Caves
70 km from Loreto, inside the Gola Rossa Park in the municipality of Genga, The Frasassi Caves, suggestive and unique, with the colors of the concretions, stalactites, stalagmites, ponds. Find out More 

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Born from the ashes of the Roman colony Helvia Recina, Macerata is today a charming university town famous for its monuments, churches and the famous Arena Sferisterio. Find out More 
An hour from Loreto, Gradara is a small village 142 meters above sea level, in the hinterland on the border between Marche and Romagna, where you can experience a medieval atmosphere while remaining in the 21st centurylo. Find iut More 
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